Mother In-Law Turmeric Coconut Rice Recipe

Let me introduce you to one of our family favourite dishes, this recipe is from my beloved mother in-law. She is such a wonderful and beautiful person inside out, in addition to that she is so amazing in the kitchen and her food is very delicious Mashallah, oh yeah finger-licking, definitely she is the best! I always get excited going on holiday/ visiting her coz I know for sure I will learn few yummy dishes from her. This dish is a holiday must-have for my husband and I. You should try it and I am sure you will fall in love straight away!

3 cups uncooked basmati rice
about 2 cups of chicken soup {maybe you may need more or less, depends on the rice}
1 cup heavy coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2-3 hard boiled eggs {peeled and sliced}

A} Wash the rice, drain, and set aside.
B} Put a pot on a stove, add the chicken soup, coconut, turmeric powder and salt
C} Bring to boil
D} Add washed rice and stir it thoroughly
E} Cook for about five minutes, then cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes, stir whenever is necessary
F} Check every few minutes to see if more water is needed, if so then add hot chicken soup as needed. Stir as liquid is been added. Or drain out the liquid if it’s too much.
G} Continue cooking over low heat, keep the pot covered until the rice is well cooked
H} Serve hot with Turmeric and Coconut Curry, sliced hard boiled eggs and salad of your choice.
Notes: This rice tastes best when it is hot/ warm

Get the recipe for the chicken curry –>My Mother In-Law Delicious Curry: Turmeric And Coconut Curry

Coconut and turmeric curry3

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