Famous Indian Banana Puri: Banana Puries


1/2 cup ripe mashed banana
1 tablespoon melted ghee or butter
Approximately ¾ cup whole-wheat flour
Approximately ¾ cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon crushed cardamom powder
3 tablespoons coarsely ground almonds about 18 almonds
Pinch of salt
Oil to fry


A} Peel and mash the banana, add the sugar, almond, butter, salt and cardamom mix it well.
B} Add whole-wheat flour and all-purpose flour to the banana mix and make a firm and smooth dough. Keep it aside for about 2 hours.
C} Grease the fingers and knead the dough for a minute and divide in four equal parts.
D} Roll them into 8” diameter and cut them in about 2” diameter, using a cookie cutter.
E} Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat. To check the heat if oil is ready put one piece of dough in oil, dough should sizzle and come up slowly.
F} Fry the puries few at a time don’t over crowd the frying pan. Puries will puff and fry them till they are dark brown from all around. It will take about 2 minutes to fry every batch.
G} Take them out over paper towel so it can absorb the extra oil.
I} Served hot or at room temperature

Puries can be stored for a week in a clean container

Written by Farhat

Farhat Abbas


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