How To Cook Very Tender And Delicious Meat Soup

Jinsi Ya Kupika Supu Ya Nyama Yenye Ladha Nzuri

Serves 2 people}

500 gm Preferably neck or any other bone-parts (The bones give this soup extra flavour)
1 Big carrot {peeled and chopped}
3 to 4 potatoes and chopped into halves
3 spring onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoon ginger paste
1 teaspoon ginger paste
Salt to taste
2 tablespoon lemon juice or to taste
Fresh Chilli as needed
Water as needed

A} Peel and chop potatoes plus carrots
B} Put Meat, ginger, garlic, salt and enough water bring to boil until the meat is half way cooked
C} Add in chopped potatoes and carrots
D} add lemon, spring onions only on the white part {s} and put the green side aside for later use, fresh chilli and lemon juice
E} Let it boil until all the meat is tender and potatoes are soft
F} Adjust salt to taste
G} Serve with any bread like chapati, naan or plain boiled rice or on its own. Another idea is — You can serve the soup with the meat, or drain the meat chunks to use them up in another dish like pilau and serve just the soup whichever way you like

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Soups areĀ  very simple recipes to cook in the house / family and most of time are very healthy.

Written by Farhat

Farhat Abbas

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