English Breakfast With Masala Tea

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Actually you can have this breakfast as brunch too, it all depending on what time you are having it.

How to prepare the sausages:

3 – 4 sausages {at room temperature}
1 – 2 teaspoon oil

A} Heat about 1-2 tbsp of oil in a non-stick frying pan.
B} Place the sausages in the saucepan and make sure you keep the heat on low.
C} Cover and let them fry gently, keep checking on them and turning them often until they are brown on all sides and cooked through.
Serve them warm.

How to prepare the Egg

1 eggs
a bit of oil
Black pepper to taste {Optional}
non-stick pan

A} Heat the oil in a small non-stick frying pan on low heat
B} Once oil is hot, break the egg in a bowl and slide it into the pan. Try getting the bowl edge as close to the pan as possible when pouring the egg, this helps stopping the white from spreading out too much. Keep the heat on low so that the egg stays a nice clean colour.
C} Cook until the white is almost fully cooked and set.
D} Sprinkle your salt and black pepper {optional}
Serve with toast.

Masala tea / Masala chai recipe



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