2 Tier Black And White Beautiful Cake For All Occasions Party

A big celebration / party without a beautiful cake is definitely not complete, we all need cakes on our special days {events} to make the day even more special.


Black and White Cakes With a Perfectly Added Pop of Colour
Black and white is a timeless colour combination that continues to be a huge trend in the cake decorating world. Modernize the look with both classic and contemporary patterns, materials and techniques and add some colour for that extra look!

Bring black and white to life! be inspired by these stunning cakes with innovative
decorating techniques plus an extra, added pop of color.

Black and white stripes are bigger than ever for events and cake decorating. Farhat Yummy created this incredibly elegant and wonderful black and white striped cake inspired the event theme. The stripes are perfectly executed and the entire presentation is given a pop of colour with vibrant and exquisite sugar flowers, which make the display, stand out beautifully.
These cakes can be used for different events like wedding, birthdays, kitchen parties, baby showers, office parties etc.

This cake is so Bold and Beautiful, not only that, it’t very delicious!

I am so in love with the flower toppings. it wasn’t very easy to decorate this cake, but i am so pleased with the outcome.

This is how it looks from different angles
cake 1

Written by Farhat

Farhat Abbas


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