Beautiful And Simple Purple White Wedding Cake


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Basic things to decorate a cake
Baked cake / cakes
Food colour
Glue or water
Cornstarch or icing sugar for dusting
Cake Board

Turning table
Rolling pin
Rolling mat
Palette knife
Cutters e.g. flowers cutters
Modelling tools
Measurement tape
cake brushes

Our stunning ranges of wedding cakes complement every style, from boldly modern and delicately romantic to timelessly traditional. Most cakes come in a choice of colours, while a few are available simply iced for the bride’s florist to dress with fondant made flowers. Some offer a choice of different cake types by tier and all come beautifully and safely packaged.
Farhat yummy cakes deliver a first class designer experience. We believe your cake should be as individual as you are! All of our unique cakes are made to order and baked from scratch using only the finest and locally sourced ingredients. Using intricate and advanced design and sugarcraft techniques, our custom designed cakes are in a class of their own.

Freshly made and decorated to order at a very reasonable price, every cake tastes as good as it looks. We are reliable service and we will never let you down. We are a small business cake, based in Manchester.


Vitu yva msingi yva kupambia Keki
Fondant {yaku pambia keki}
Rangi ya chakula
Gundi ya keki au maji
Corn starch au icing sugar
viifa yva keki :
meza ya kupambia keki
Chakusukumia chapati au fondant
mati ya kusukumia fondant
visu yva kupambia keki
yva kukatia shepu ka mauwa
Measurement tape
bodi Keki
vi brashi va kupambia keki
Kezi zetu zinatengenezwa bada yakua fanya order, kila design inatengeneza na chioice kutokana na yako. Keki zetu zote ni freshly made, zipo so yummy . Sisi tuna patikana pande za Manchester na tuna tengeneza keki ya aina mbalimbali, kama birthday, Eid, Wedding, kitchen na party zozote . Keki zetu zinapatikana kwa bei rahisi sana, kama uko pande za huku kwetu basi karibuni sana.



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Farhat Abbas

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