Valentine baked cookies

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300g all purpose flour, sifted
100g butter, softened
50g ghee
100g sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
Food colour {any colour of your choice}
1/2 to 1 tablespoon milk {if needed, maybe you are not going to use it at all, depending on the consistency of the dough}

Piping bags
Baking tray

A} Use very soft butter or beat butter on low speed until soft and creamy. Add sugar and beat until fluffy, feathered and pale coloured.
B} Add egg and mix / beat nicely
C} Add in ghee and mix well
D} Sift in the flour, add in 3 different times into the butter mixture until smooth.
E} Add vanilla and milk if needed {use a spoon and add bit by bit as needed}, don’t overmix or it will be hard to squeeze and if it’s too watery, it’s going to be runny to pipe. Therefore don’t add too much milk either
F} Divide dough equally among two bowls, in one bowl add colour of your choice {I have used pink}. Mix well until the entire colour is well combined
G} Prepare your two piping bags, spoon in the dough and cut both ends as seen in the video. Now pipe any random designs on a greased heart cookie mould / heart cookie baking tray and make sure to use both colours.
H} Preheat oven 375°F and bake about 15 min or until well backed. After a minute then remove from trays and onto a cooling rack.
Tip: Keep them in an airtight container or jar

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Farhat Abbas

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