How To Cook Vitumbua Step By Step Video

1 kilo rice {3 and Half mug cups rice}, the thicker variety the better, we need rice to be able to mash up nicely
3/4 coconut cream
About 2 and 1/2 to 3 cups hot boiled water {for melting creamed coconut}. Bear in mind, you may not use all the melted coconut liquid
1 and 1/2 cups sugar
1 sachet {7g} and 1 teaspoon of instant yeast
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
3 white eggs {no yolks}
Oil for frying

A} Soak the rice overnight, and then drain completely. Make sure no water remains in the rice, and you can do this by leaving it in a sieve to drain for as long as you can.
B} Melt coconut in a hot water and let it cool down before you add it in the blender or food processor with the other ingredients
C] Put rice in a food processor or blender and blend it half way, then add melted coconut liquid about 1 cup. Blend again until 1/4 to be completed {well blended}. Check if you need more liquid.
D} Now add sugar, white eggs,¬† yeast and cardamom powder into your food processor or blender and blend until completely smooth. This may take a while but stick to it. Keep blending for a full minute at a time, giving the blender a rest of a few seconds between pulses. Once you’re satisfied that the rice has been mashed completely and your mixture is smooth enough.
Please Note: Once the sugar is mixed in, the mixture will become lighter and slightly more runny in consistency as seen in the video
E} If you think more liquid is needed then, add coconut liquid as required, please check the video if you want to know how thick the mixture should look like
F} Pour it out into a large container or bowl, cover and set aside to rise for 30-60 minutes.
G} If you have an appam / vitumbua pan like mine seen in my video, use it for big sized vitumbua. Otherwise use whichever you’ve got.
H} Add oil into it, a teaspoon per hole is enough, otherwise less if using a smaller pan. Heat it up on medium.
I} Carefully, pour your vitumbua mixture into the pan, please do not over fill. As the vitumbua cook, you will notice tiny bubbles forming all over the mixture in the pan. This is a good sign; it means your vitumbua will have the perfect sieve-like texture. Keep the heat on low so that the vitumbua cook through without burning
J} When you notice the vitumbua firming up and their bottoms look coloured, gently turn each one over and cook the other side. You can use a skewer or teeth stick or even a flat wooden stick for to do this
K} Cook the other side to a good golden colour.
L} Remove and repeat this process for the rest of your mixture.
M} Serve warm with hot drink like tea, or cold drink or just as a snack.


1} If vitumbua are too much you can freeze some and have them whenever needed, but before you serve make sure to warm them in the microwave for few minute. Please don’t over heat them otherwise they will become hard and if you under warm them, they will also be hard lol. Honestly sparking, they are best to eat them fresh
2} For soft Vitumbua
a. If you want soft vitumbua, avoid using yolks, just use white eggs.
b. Put them in an air tight container or wrap them in a dish with a cling film while still warm for short time, at least for 30 minutes, but line up the container with kitchen towel first to avoid soggy bottom
c. The mixture should be well blended, very smooth
d. don’t over cook them
3} For better taste, make sure to add enough sugar, otherwise your vitumbua will be tasteless

4} don’t use/ add hot coconut liquid into the mixture, slightly warm is OK otherwise you are going to kill/ burn yeast and white will be cooked during¬† blending process.


Written by Farhat

Farhat Abbas


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  1. I liked the recipe of vitumbuas & would like to make but am confused with one thing.
    Use of white of eggs. How many do you use in this recipe as you have not mentioned.. Do let me know
    So I can make one & let you know how they turned out. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi farhat, I looove the way u describe your recipes keep it up darling.
    Nataka kununua the same vitumbua maker you used where can I buy it from?????
    I live in London.

    • Thanks so much darling. I got mine from Zanzibar, but I am not sure here in uk, maybe try to check online like eBay or Amazon. I hope u will get one and good luck hun

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