How To Make Korean Egg rolls

Mapishi Ya Mayai


Korean Egg Roll:

Serves 2 as a side dish

Egg Mixture 9 yolks and 3 large eggs {or you can use normal eggs}
¼ tsp salt or to taste
1/4 cup carrot, chopped
¼ cup onion, chopped
Fresh chillies to taste {optional}
1/2 cup Mixed belle peppers

A}To prepare the egg mixture, break all the eggs and add all the ingredients of the egg mixture to a medium mixing bowl and whisk it well.
B} Heat the pan on medium low heat and add some cooking oil. Spread it throughout the pan. Reduce the heat to low. Pour out a thin layer of egg mixture onto the pan and spread it by tilting the pan. Once the edge of the egg is cooked and the top of the egg is about 80 to 85% cooked, start rolling the egg with a spatula and/or cooking sticks.
C}Push aside the rolled egg (to the left) and brush some cooking oil in the empty space (right side of the pan, if you are using non- stick pan). Pour out another thin layer of egg mixture on the empty space and when the top of the egg is about 80 to 85 % cooked and start rolling the egg with a spatula and/ or cooking stick. Repeat this step until the egg mixture is used up.
D}Remove the rolled egg from the pan and cool it down for a bit, maybe 3 to 5 minutes on a cutting board. Slice it into bite size pieces.
E}You can serve with anything you like, optionally, you can serve with some tomato sauce, chilli or ketchup and squeeze this over the egg rolls.

Recipe for Vitumba is here

Recipe for Masala Chai is here

Notes and Tips:

Take care to have as little colour as possible when cooking the egg. You don’t want to develop browning, mine was a bit brown though lol. Having less colour will yield a creamier texture.
It is important to have a good none-stick skillet to make Korean egg roll, T-fal is my trusted fry pan
Don’t worry if the roll tears a bit whilst cooking. Watch my video to see how to fix it in action. You may have to make this dish a few times to perfect the technique. Don’t worry, regardless of perfect form, the result will be delicious .


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